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How to Stylishly Compel Your Customer to Give You A 5-Star Review


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I’ve actually found the opposite to be true to a one thing that you’ve suggested:

Instead of addressing my customer as sir/ma, I keep it a bit more informal. I often start conversations with just “Hello!” or “Hey there!” If they say their name, I usually address them personally like “Hey Jane!” or “Hi Nicholas!”

I’ve found that there is a bit more of a “human connection” when using these terms and it helps me to foster more/better conversations with my customers. (I also typically use exclamation points instead of commas.)

Other than that - I totally agree with you! Having a positive tone in your conversation with customers keeps them happy and engaged, and more likely to not have problems with your work.
It’s especially hard to do this when dealing with demanding or picky customers, or with customers who want to cancel a job, but it really does pay off to always be positive with people. 🙂

Great tips!

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