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How to Stylishly Compel Your Customer to Give You A 5-Star Review


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I have to start by saying I’m new to Fiverr, Yes! Entirely new…just a few days old. Don’t laugh yet, hold it on that smile, perhaps when you know the truth, you’ll burst into a complete laughter. Lesser than 5 days old!

However, even on my 5-day birthday on Fiverr, I can still give you a few customer relation killer tips to help you deal with your customers properly and efficiently. With the little time I’ve spent on this innovative platform, I’ve come to realize that reviews is the key to customer patronage.

Reviews from customers are not always screaming great service, many a time, it depends mostly on your mode of interaction with your customer. Below are tips to help you achieve the theme of this post:

  1. Addressing your customer sir/ma does you no harm, instead, it births a keep-coming-back spirit in them.
  2. Never be arrogant towards customers even when you offer them the best service in the world, its a track to 1-star review.
  3. Use smile emoji often, it creates a happy environ
  4. Be clear on what you would offer them in your gig or pre-order conversations
  5. Always use a positive language
  6. Attend properly to customer complaints
  7. Keep a close conversation with your customers to make them feel remembered
  8. Always end your conversations properly, “I’ll get back to you soon” is always a nice sentence to say before running off a chat.
  9. Never create a gig you can’t offer or you’re not an expert at
  10. Keep a long lasting impression by offering great service!

In between, I love creating contents, proofreading them and/or editing them as applicable. I write for high traffic sites too. Hope the tips above helps. Cheers!

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That just makes no sense. Your English is good, but don’t kid yourself and others that you are a proofreader. Lesser should be fewer, for example. Countable nouns? There are plenty more. Also quite a lot of preposition confusion, not to mention that you omit some (in)definite articles from time to time. This is really just the tip of the iceberg.

You are not a proofreader. If you are, you would not make these mistakes. Nor would you reply to me like you have above: why wouldn’t you proof[read] your own posts? Just, you know, saying.

The proof is quite literally in the pudding in this case. Or is that prove? I just can’t tell, sometimes.

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I can’t believe you posted that! Do you know why most people fail? Even the successful ones, why some unexpectedly find themselves at level zero? They spend ‘so much’ time analyzing others’ shit whilst neglecting theirs. I won’t do you the favor of analyzing yours…exactly what you started with…It makes no SENSE!

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Tip #1 : Mam*(In Odia Ma means mother) and it is always better to start with a “Hi” cuz sir/mam are quite formal.
Tip #3 : You can use it with your repeat buyers but using this with first time buyers will make you look unprofessional.

And, sorry to say, but you are not a proofreader and I will agree with @emmaki. There are lot of grammatical mistakes in your post.

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As you’ve stated, you’re new to Fiverr and thus new to the forums.

Here’s a big tip for you: don’t get an argument with emmaki. You will not win. It’s best if you just swallow your pride, apologize, and take the criticism. She’s right, after all.

Also, new sellers promoting tips is very much the blind leading the blind. You don’t have the experience to know what works here. Generic tips, as you have posted above, are plentiful enough elsewhere on the forum.

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