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My Wonderful and Awkward Fiverr Journey


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I started this little adventure 9 months ago. The job market was pretty scarce at the time (as it probably still is now). I’d recently been seeking employment after being let go from my soul crushing job at Target, without being given a reason(or a courtesy phone call). I needed money, but above all I wanted some independence. Hence why I became a musician, but art takes quite a while to profit from, so I needed something in the meantime. It was total dumb luck (destiny?) that I found Fiverr. I was talking to a designer who was a fan of my music and he suggested Fiverr as a means of promotion. I had no idea what a Fiverr was, but I checked it out.

I was like a kid who discovered sugar for the 1st time.

I had no idea you could get such a wide variety of services for these prices. Everything from SEO marketing to Jesus impersonations. After a few weeks of spending my money recklessly, I thought, “Why don’t I become a seller?” So I did. Then I had to ask, “What the heck can I sell?” After awhile, it occurred to me that it should be writing related. I still harbored pen dreams, despite my inability to finish a manuscript, but I figured there had to be something I could do for five bucks. If I could gain a large blog audience by ranting daily about politics, I could pull this off. Then it hit me: editing! I edited previously for a music website until the owner moved on, plus I was the proofreader of choice for all my friends. This could work. So I posted up something reasonable, probably 1000 words for five bucks, and waited…and waited…and waited…did some more of that waiting…then I checked to see if my Fiverr experience was suffering from some software malfunction…it wasn’t. People just weren’t biting. So I upped it to 3000 words, then 5000, and stopped at 10,000. 10,000 words for five bucks! Insane, but at that point I was desperate for the extra cash.

Then I got my first gig order!

Unfortunately I wouldn’t be easing into this one. This student had apparently waited until the absolute last minute to go over his paper, so his internet savvy friend searched Fiverr for a savior. He settled for me, the new guy. I needed to finish this big paper by 5:45 that day. The time of the order was around 1 o’clock I think. I said yes without hesitation, because five bucks is five bucks. Then I questioned the sanity of that choice. Could I pull it off? I was about to find out. Turns out I could. I did the best I could and the kid was THRILLED. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy that I could help this poor guy out. And that was when I found my Fiverr niche: editing obscenely large documents effectively in a comically short amount of time. My latest feat of editing super speed was a 61,000 word novel that I managed to finish in three days, despite spending one of them away from my computer. My editing has gotten me to level 2 seller status and over 800 dollars worth of extra income. Now if I could find some other niches on here, I’d be golden. My other gigs haven’t been too successful. I had a gig recently where I wrote reviews that was taking off quick, but that got squashed by the Fiverr terms of service. Apologies by the way to the editing staff for my crankiness. So that is my massively condensed Fiverr story. Thank you for indulging me, to all who read this far.

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Encouraging Fiverr testimonial story there Sadot06

Well done =D>

sadot06 said: I had a gig recently where I wrote reviews that was taking off quick, but that got squashed by the Fiverr terms of service.

Can you say what your review gig was about or which part of the TOS it broke?

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Love your story, but I hope you’re not editing anything over a thousand words for 5 bucks. I have to imagine you are breaking these projects up into multiple gigs by now right???

Good to know about the review thing. Have you found your next niche yet?

Keep up the posts, you have a good story.


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