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1200 Reviews on Most Selling Gigs


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Today, when I checked my account as usual, there was something that made me inspired, made me feel happier than usual because one of my Gig got its 1200th review.
It’s a special one for me, because when I had got the very first order on this gig, that was the day, when I had decided to remove this gig and create a new one in place of it. But thanks to God, he didn’t make me do that and today it’s the most selling gig in my profile.

Though, there is a lot of competition in the Graphics Design Niche, but the customer service is what makes you stand out. I always over delivered to the buyers and gave them more than they expected in the every order delivery and the result is here. I managed to have several repeated buyers.

In the duration of getting first order and till date, Fiverr has been my main source of income and I got to do many things on my own. I earned almost twenty five thousand dollars from it and most part of the earning, I invested in the construction of our house, 1st Floor for me and my workplace 🙂


I am not good at giving tips, but my suggestion for new sellers is that you should always provide a value to your buyers, Don’t seek for money too much. Try to provide better customer service to your buyer and make them feel like you are in their virtual team and it will pay you in the long term.

The Communication is the Key Success in fiverr. if you managed to communicate with your buyers well and understand what they require for their projects, then it becomes easy to work with them give them outstanding work.

I thank you all my buyers for helping me to achieve this milestone.

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