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Killer tips For YOur GIG promotion

Guest batrasian

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Guest batrasian

Fiverr is one of the most popular websites in which people can buy and sell micro-jobs or commonly known as gigs. Users can sell services like logos, video intros and outros, marketing help and much more. You can price them from $5 and go up to $80+ for extras depending on skill and experience. It can be hard to promote your gigs and get people interested in your gig. In this slide deck you will learn how to promote your gigs and get people interested in them. Promoting Your Gig

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Starting a blog will bring more exposure to your Fiverr gigs as well as informing your potential clients more. You can link your blog to your Fiverr account as well. In your blog you can write about: ● What your gigs feature, ● What your clients can expect from you, ● Why they should choose you, ● Benefits of your gig, ● Bonuses and Free stuff that you giveaway, ● And anything else #1: Start A Blog

Start fan pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and other social media sites which you think your potential clients would be. Start connecting with like- minded people and people that you think would benefit from what you offer. Start posting helpful content on the social media sites and stuff related to your gigs. You can also join Facebook groups which help promote your Fiverrgigs for free. All you have to do is post a short description and the link to your gig on the Facebook group. Think about it. If you don’t let anyone know about your gig, how will people know if your gig actually exists. #2: Social Media

Forums are very helpful when it comes to promoting your gig. They can bring a lot of traffic and sales to your gig. The good thing is that forum posts are also indexed on search engines like Google. So if someone searches for something related to your gig on Google then it is likely that they will come up with your forum post and go click onto your Fiverr gig. To find forums related to your gig, go onto Google and search for forums related to your gig. For example, if you have a logo design gig, then search for graphic designs forum. Then start advertising your gig, but not spamming. Don’t just advertise your gig in the forum. Contribute to the conversation and add value. #3: Forums

Start recording videos about your gigs. You can even put on slideshows or other forms of videos if you don’t want to get in front of a camera yourself. Some of the things you can put on your YouTube channel is: ● Who you are ● Benefits of your gig ● What is so special about your gig This does build a lot more trust with your potential clients. Check out this article to increase views on your Youtube videos. #4: Start A Youtube Channel

Search for blogs that are related to your gig or are in your niche. Start commenting on blogs that related to your gig and start offering your Fiverr gig in the blog comments. For example if you have a service that offers SEO to websites, you might want to search on Google for, ‘SEO blogs’ and it will come up with all the SEO blogs. Then read through a couple of articles from different blogs and offer valuable comments as well as putting links to your Fiverr gigs. If it is a popular blog you are commenting on, then you will get quite a lot of sales just from the blog comments. Just do not spam comment on other blogs as people do not like this and most people just ignore your message. #5: Blog Commenting

Keywords is very important when it comes to promoting your Fiverr gig and getting sales to it. Keywords and tags are the things that Fiverr uses to rank your gig in the searches. Optimize your keywords and tags and make sure you include words that people will search for when searching for similar gigs. If you don’t do this, then it will be hard for people to find your gig. Always use the maximum number of tags that you are allowed for each gig. For example, lets say you offer a logo design gig. Your keywords might be, logo, design, graphics, photoshop, business, etc. If you optimize your gig and use the correct keywords then your gig can become successful. #6: Keywords and Tags

This is one of the best way to promote your Fiverr gigs. Quora is a Q&A website where users can ask questions and fellow members answer the questions. There are a lot of users using Quora and it is an excellent source for traffic. I regularly use Quora to answer questions and provide helpful answers and it does bring me quite a bit of traffic. Another great website that is similar to toQuora is Yahoo Answers. Yahoo Answers also provides a lot of traffic if used properly. What you should do is search for questions within your niche or questions related to your gigs on either Quora or Yahoo Answers. Answer the questions and add links to your gigs or fiverr profile. It is a great way to promote your Fiverr gigs. #7: Quora

Social bookmarking websites are a good way to get links to your gigs and webpages and and they get indexed by search engines quicker. It is very quick and easy to add webpages and gigs to social bookmarking websites. Just create an account and start adding your gigs. Some require you to add descriptions. Its as simple as that. Some of the popular social bookmarking websites are: ● Digg ● StumbleUpon ● Reddit ● Delicious ● Slashdot #8: Social Bookmarking Sites

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This post is a complete and utter mess. Please don’t post stuff like this. Posting regurgitated Fiverr tips about being successful on Fiverr will NOT bring you more sales, nor will it promote you to Top Rated Seller status. It just mucks up the forums, and makes you look desperate.

The only way to be successful on Fiverr is to create strong, well crafted gigs, and deliver top quality, professional-level work to everyone who purchases your services.

There is no need for complicated, messy blocks of text like this. This isn’t helping anyone. This isn’t helping you. If you’re really serious about being successful on Fiverr, then you can do a lot better than this.

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