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Welcome to Fiverr! I checked out your profile, and this is what I suggest:

  1. Change your description. It’s currently just the filler text, and nothing that is specific to you. By having the generic text that you have: “This is where you make your pitch to potential buyers. Describe your background, your passion and your personality.” It makes it look like you aren’t tech-savvy at all. Because if you were, you’d clearly change your profile description!

  2. 3 of your gigs all have the same photo. How are people going to know that you’re offering a logo design if your main photo isn’t a logo? If I want a magazine cover, I wouldn’t pick your gig out of the rest because the graphic is a video, which looks nothing like a magazine cover. As a shopper, people are only going to click on things that are visually appealing to them and stand out from the crowd. By making your gig pictures all the same, you’re hurting yourself because none of your own gigs stand out from the rest.

  3. Last thing, your gig: “I will extract any 5 photos professionally for Amazon” – I had no idea what that meant. So I opened it, and it turns out that that is a service I might use, but I would never think of using the word “extract” to search!! “Extract” might be too technical of a term to use for this gig. So I would rephrase the gig, saying “I will create an Amazon-friendly version of your product photo” or something else that makes it clear to someone who has never even opened photoshop what the value of your gig would be to them.

Good luck to you!! Fiverr is a great place, so don’t give up yet! 🙂

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