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Is what my client doing ethical?


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First, please let me know if this isn’t a category to share experiences with clients and ask for help.

I normally find my clients personally or in other platforms. I discovered Fiverr and I wanted to give it a try. Now here’s what happened with my first client:

I delivered the work before deadline, asked him if he needed anything else. He said thanks and approved the job. Then I realized he gave me 4.3 rating.

I found out that I needed to have at least 4.5 stars to be able to send offers to other buyers. So I wrote the client back. He said that it must have been a mistake and that he thought he gave me 5 stars. Then he sent me a personal request for a second work. (He didn’t change the rating). He said if I delivered the same quality he would make sure to give me 5 stars this time. I delivered the second work, asked him if he needed something else for a couple of times. He didn’t reply.

After a couple of reminders and no replies, I wrote him: “Hi, If you want I can refund you. My rating is more important than money at the moment. Could you kindly reply back?”

And he replied: “Thank you. You can refund it to me. What we can do next is I will put another order to re-compensate the last order and we will communicate well to make sure I leave you high rating. Thanks again for your consideration.”

What is this? Since I’m not a daily active Fiverr freelancer I need your help. How should I proceed this case?


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What do you mean he sent a “personal request” for another work? He has to place a new order if he wants more work and you should have told him this.

So you ended up doing $10 worth of work and got zero for it. Do not accept any more orders from him. If he places an order cancel it.

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It sounds like he’s screwing you over, to be honest. Don’t give him a refund because he DIDN’T rate you. That’s ridiculous. No rating will not effect you, but less than 5 stars will.

You’re correct – ratings are very important at the beginning, as you can’t reply to Buyers Request with less than 90% positive rating. It sounds like he’s using that to force you to do free work.

You could bring this to Customer Support by taking a screenshot of his message that says “I meant to give you 5 stars” and ask them to change the rating or at least remove it since it’s wrong, according to the buyer. I would also try not to make offers with him because he seems like he’s either incompetent or scammy.

If you absolutely wanted to try again you could say something like this: “Okay, we can make another gig. This gig will be for the work I previous did for you. I will send the same file and it will be for the same price and from there you can mark the order as complete and rate me. So first, I will make the gig and you will purchase it. After the gig has begun, I will cancel/refund your last order. Once the refund has gone through, you can mark the new gig as complete.”

I honestly wouldn’t suggest this method, though.

Never refund work just because someone did NOT rate you. No rating is way better than a negative rating. And if your buyer doesn’t respond in 3 days after a delivery, the gig will automatically complete.

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