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100% Working Method To Get Your First Order


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I seriously can not find buyers requests section to save my life…

I seriously can not find buyers requests section to save my life…

And what if you are getting nothing in buyers request?

Click your profile picture and Dashboard > Selling (Top left) > Buyer request

But for some reason you can’t access to buyer request section then check your gig. If your gig is paused or inactive maybe that’s the reason.

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I absolutely agree with him. I did the EXACT same. If you look at my fiverr profile, i joined this month around a few days back. I created my gig and touted on my certification for Email marketing from Hubspot.

Now, I went to buyer requests and read each request and wrote a customized proposal for each of it.

I got a response from a buyer who said this:

You are the MOST expensive bidder on this request, but since you understand my business, I would like to hire you. I need a few emails written. Can you send me within the next few hours?

This ALL happened within the FIRST 24 hours of creating a gig and the first order i got was of $50 for creating a FEW emails 🙂 I got a 5.0 star review within the FIRST 24 hours of creating my FIRST gig, and that TOO having NO VIDEO!

I hope that is inspiring for everyone here. Never lose hope. Buyer requests. FOCUS on those if you are new. GIG videos? OH YES! An absolute Yes. Just look at it this way.

FIVERR recommends you to have videos. Well, there HAS to be a GENUINE reason for it?

Wish you ALL the best!

This is inspiring. Keep up the good work, better days ahead…

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A few days ago I created a new Gig and offered a buyer in “Buyers Request” that type of service he needed as my Gig matched his needs. I sent him my offer in very expressive way and at the end of offer I stated that you’ll get a FREE BONUS too. The word “FREE BONUS” may have made him buy my Gig.

I also practice free bonuses. It really works!

It worked for me too… I just joined about 5 day ago. I got my first order yesterday. I did the same thing. Very good tip for newbies!

It’s greate idea Offering “FREE BONUS” It’s work 100%.

Good tip! So many have written that it worked. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

I have a question to all of you, which will help me and other users all the same.

##What kind of Bonuses do you offer to the buyers on Buyer’s Request page?

Please Answer so that we all can benefit from your experience.

As an experience ebook cover designer on fiverr, I offer a 3D format of my design as a free bonus. As an article writer for instance, you can write a 750 words article as bonus instead of 500 words. I hope this help!!!

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Guest render_worx

If this does not work, because most of Fiverr sellers give out free bonuses as of today, try telling a customer that he will get 2 free bonuses.

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