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A Mix of Freelancer and Fiverr Experience


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Hello everyone, sure it’s been exciting working on Fiverr. I am a CV writer with more than 15 Years of experience in CV writing and reviews. After offering my services on Freelancer for more than 7 years, I finally decided to add Fiverr to reach more of my clients especially the ones based in the US while I currently have a top notch gig up for grabs.

Undoubtedly, working from home is the new thing and has come to stay in the world of workforce globally. Every smart workforce will agree with this simple fact. However, many tend to take it for granted by not always available online to attend to their orders. Some are yet to even master the art of business communication and efficient customer service. Except you have these things, you may still end up having to always look for new clients even whilst doing a great job on FIVERR.

I look forward to joining a great community here on FIVERR. Thank you everyone. I have no doubt Fiverr will offer greater experience more than I have ever had elsewhere.

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