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Is it actually possible to scam effectively on Fiverr?


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***** NOTE: Nothing discussed in this thread is condoned or suggested by me and most likely by Fiverr. Its all speculation and a little bit of conversation seeing all these accusations of scammers ******

So, reading through all these interesting and entertaining examples of scammers, I’m seeing a pattern. Either its the buyer, using PayPal and stealing the work, or its the seller doing one of two things.

The seller is either a

  1. Not providing the service, then refunding the buyer
  2. The buyer gives a review and pays, but is not satisfied afterwords

So my question is, could you effectively scam on fiverr?

Think about it. For a buyer to scam, its fairly easy. Order the service, get the work, request a cancellation, and get caught by CS. Then initiate a PayPal dispute, get your account banned, and basically get a small amount of work for a lot of legwork. Posting the now stolen content on a public site can get it taken down, and can also be reported if posted on a private site.

For a seller to scam, they must somehow not provide the work the buyer was expecting, get the buyer to give a good review (or none at all) and wait for 3 days for it not to change so the funds are locked in. Even then the buyer can go politely to CS and get the seller banned. No successful scammer could keep making new gigs and not be noticed.

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