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Simple steps to increase your sales


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Hi Fiverees,

I just started out like a week ago. I have already done 5 jobs with a perfect rating and got few more orders on cue. I see a lot of newbies here seeking advice on how to increase sales. So today I felt like sharing my experience. These are few steps I followed to get more sales.

  1. Before you setup, your gig does a little research on the same gigs that is in the Fiverr market. See how they are set up and get an idea about your competition and how you can offer something better compared to those gigs. (This will be really helpful when you send out buyer requests as the buyer will get in avg more than 20 requests but if you have something that other buyers cannot pitch you will get the job)

  2. Go through Fiverr academy and article and tips there. (This taught me lot of things about setting up a solid foundation here on Fiverr.)

  3. Set up the gig properly targeting your audience and keep in mind that the gig image/video will play a key role as they are the first thing buyer sees.

  4. Once everything is set send out buyer requests. Since you are new and there are no ratings you have to sometimes bid for a very low price or do more for a lesser price to land some gigs and get the ratings up. It might feel like your qualifications are undervalued. But trust me, in the long run, it will be worth it.

  5. It is about landing that first job somehow after that rest will follow eventually. But remember this is very important! Do not accept orders that you cannot do just because you want the first job. That will end up with a cancellation or bad review and since that is the first sale your ratings will go so don and it will be so hard to get back up.

  6. Last but not least, “It always seem impossible until it is done”, is one of my favorite quotes by Nelson Mandela. Some of you might get sales on the first day some wont for months. But here if you want to succeed, well not just here but in everything you have to keep on fighting and keep going. The hardest thing will be making the first sale but after that it will get easier.

And on final note enjoy working here that will help you increase the quality of your delivery. Fiverr is a great community and if you do your basics right you will see this is a gold mine filled with many opportunities.

Note: please do not contact me via my profile messages with regards to this post if you have any questions ask here I will be glad to reply to your inquiries.

Good Luck!

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It’s been a week that I joined Fiverr, and I got two orders at same day from one customer and she gave me a five star feedback with admirable comments, but after that I have not got even a single order yet.

I got two orders. I delivered before the time, and got a five start feed back, but what else it takes to take orders from clients continuously like one order in every couple of days or two orders in a week or at least a single order in a week.

I dunno, what to do man. 😦 Do not you think it sounds grumpy?

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