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For some background for you guys, I’m an aspiring English major needing two things: beer money and a portfolio. I decided to publish a gig on Fiverr offering to write a short piece or poem about any topic in the style of any author. I think my writing is quality work and all I need now are some good reviews to get the credibility going. To get reviews, I need to sell some gigs. I even offered to include an original and terrible pencil drawing by me with orders! How long does it take to start getting orders on average and how can I market my gig successfully? I trust that I’ll have no problems once the ball gets rolling because I’m a good writer and a terrible artist, both as promised, but I think people are hesitant to bite because of the “no reviews” bit. How can I entice at least a few people to buy my gig? Is it just a waiting game until somebody decides they’re going to take a leap of faith on a gig with no sales or reviews?

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