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5 Tested Ways To Double Your Earning - Must Read Tips For Newbies


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Hi Sellers!
I hope you people are doing a great job. I have tried to share my experience with you that how i doubled my earning in July as compare to June.

If you are a newbie, Its very important for you to increase the revenue as well as buyer reviews in order to get more orders and more potential customers.

Here i am going to share 5 proofed ways through which you can double your monthly income.

  1. Always Deliver Something Exceptional
    If you are a new seller on fiverr, then you must know that Fiverr is the hub of professionals and you have to beat them to rise and shine. In order to get best results in your revenue section, you have to deliver best results even more than expectations. Once you will do the outstanding work for your client, he/she will keep you as his/her permanent worker or for ongoing work.
    Another benefit of delivering the amazing work is that he/she will keep referring you more clients for more work. So, formula is very simple:

Quality work = More Work + More Clients & More Earning

  1. Always Deliver Quickly
    As all we know that almost 90% buyers are from US and they people love to save their time. If you will deliver the work quick and fast, they will give you more respect. In my 1 years of Fiverr journey, i have examined that lot of sellers don’t do much care about the time, believe me if you manage your time perfectly, you will be non-stoppable.

  2. Make Your Client Greedy
    This is my one of my most handy tool, whenever i work with my client, i try to explain him/her about my another gig that my this gig will give you this benefit etc. Let me explain you more with one example:

I am providing services in WordPress & SEO, when a buyer comes to me for a complete website creation, after completion of website, i try to convince my buyer that if you want to get more organic results, then SEO is important for you website and luckily i can do it for you.

Now there is no point that buyer will not buy my SEO gig as well. This is one example that i shown you, let suppose you are a Logo designer, try to conceive your buyer that if you want complete branding, i can create your Facebook cover as well using this logo.

This will help you to keep getting double orders and double earning.

  1. Explain Everything Before Getting The Order
    Many people are hungry to get the orders without knowing the requirements of the buyer, if you are a newbie, i would strongly recommend you that don’t get the orders that you can’t do.
    Lot of seller wastes their time on those order that they can’t do and at the end they have to cancel the order without getting anything.

Save the time and do more work that you can do instead of wasting the time on those orders that you can’t do. If you have those orders that you can do easily, they will make your earning double and mentally relax, BUT if you have those order that you can’t do, it will make you really annoying and wastage of time, nothing more than that.

  1. Communication Is The Key (MY KEY OF SUCCESS !)

Well, most of the people knows this fact that if you can’t convince the buyer you can’t get the orders if you are a certified in your field.

Brilliant says by Brian Tracy about communication,
“Communication is a skill that you can learn. It’s like riding a bicycle or typing. If you’re willing to work at it, you can rapidly improve the quality of every part of your life.”

Let’s suppose if you have 10 years of experience in Design but you can’t understand and communicate with your buyer, then it will never give you desired results. You have to be the best among the rest to wins the rase.

There are lot of factors in communication, like Presentation, Listening, Speaking, Your Emotions, Feelings, Writing and many more. The final fact is that you have to improve yourself according to the expectations of your buyer.

The Bottom Line

It’s my 4th year since joining the Fiverr, but i got order regularly when i followed these tips. If you want to double your earning, then don’t try to find the shortcuts, try to follow rules and make your own ideas to beat others.

I hope these tips will enable you to do something unique and best, if you have any question, please leave in comments. Don’t forget to follow me if you want me to write more tips for you.

Learning is Earning !


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Guest adexman

please anybody, kindly help me, am a new seller here and i just noticed that the gigs am creating recently are just saving under DRAFT and not being displayed under active gigs like before please what is the way out to this?

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