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Blow up records on Fiver! by maintaining your business strategy


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90 % of advices, given by most sellers helpers require to make a huge numbers of gig with low prices ! i agree with them and i confirm that this is the classical way to get unstable very low-lying income !! are you here for that ? before been criticized, let’s think about it and explain why people take it this way,: admitting your gig is about translation for example from German to English and your are good on it, once your gig is published, you get immediately tow reactions from the market you’re targeting :

 -> A good  one is :) :) ; you will have an  costumers number  that  need  this  kind  of  work is  up to  10 per  week;     -> A scary  one is :( :( ;  there  are more than  thousand  similar sellers  to you - you are  not  alone  and guess what,  50%  can  offer better job  than  you can  do,   the  other  50 % can  do  a  similar  so, in the  best  cases,   your  chance  to  get  selected  by one  of those costumer  is  1/1000 =  0.001 time !!!  I am sure  no one   want  to be in such  position.


The key to survive and rise is maintaining your business strategies by:

• Being different.
• Considering the long term instead of the short one.
• Being able to sacrifice stability and safety net.

I can mention the below three main tips for this purpose:

        1- Personalize your Gig:  the  price, number  of  words,  revision  number  and delivery time are  the  key (P,NW,RN,DT) ... those  are your asset, but !!! pay attention having  a capital doesn’t mean having  a business as ; for our  subject, only  a  cleaver  plan  and  a good  combination  between  (P,NW,RN,DT)  will helps your gig   to  be more attractive then  easy sold, while  a wrong  one will kill  your business and make  miss  a  lot  of  opportunities; this  is  important  to take  care  of  it  and for  that  you are   gonna  need  to  think a  little  before you decided  how  to manage  it. I am  not  in  position  to  tell  you  what  to  do  but whatever  you are  willing to sell, believe  me,    if  you replied  to    the  below  “better” question on a good  way, one  by  one,   you will snipe your goal:                 o   At what are you better than anyone else  ? => identify  your  market.                o	How  better are  you  ? => define your  rank and level.                 o	What  price is  much  better accepted for  your  category  ? => know  your potential  income.              o	What  can  make  your  offer  better  that  others. ? => what  to do  about (P,NW,RN,DT)       2-  Build  a niche : niches  , niches , niches… are  marketer  heaven  but  the concept  is  defined  wrongly  by   a  lot  when  they  got  niches  as  where  to find something that no one else knows about or at least other marketers aren't already competing in , which is  totally  wrong;  today  nothing  can  be  hide,  and the internet is an open door  for  all but  rooms  are manifold;  follow  the below  steps  and  then  you  will  get &/or build easily   your  niche :                                     o  Start  checking  out the  existing markets.                                   o  Analyze  trends  and offered products.                                   o  Get  out  your  interests, skills  and  capacities.                                   o  Combine  between  the  above  three  actions.                                    o  Let  me  know  what  is  the  most profitable niche you have selected for  you.     3- Don’t  forget  the after  sales assistance:  tow  simple  rules:                o	don’t  stop  thinking  by  the end  of day.               o	don’t cut  communication once  the  payment  Is  done.

The costumer who applied you today will do the same twice at latest , and you want to be his first choose next time also, so only this cheaper after sales assistance can helps and will allows you to keep in touch with him, as a result keep this relationship between you stronger and more flexible, at the end, you will make them feel satisfied and thanks to the deal, you made up together, they will treat as partner not only as a strange seller.


Hope you enjoyed reading, if you disagree to anything about my article I will be happy to read your comment about it, but if you found it useful please let me know too and don’t forget to hit a thumbs up.


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Wonderful tips. One of the lessons i’ve learned being in business most of my life is to NEVER compete on price. If you give people better service and work (as you’ve outlined so well) then people will be willing to pay a premium to have excellent work. I’ve never had to compete on price and I am doing very well in my fiverr business. As you said, stand out!

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