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Buyer is threatening me with bad Review


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i did a video testimonial for this buyer ****and i got a 5star review from him or her

Now he is asking for my picture which i told him to pay for and he sent

below is the conversation

send me a good picture of your self so i can use it as profile pics
Report 18:35AUGUST 08, 2016

I can send you a good picture for your profile for $10
19:21AUGUST 08, 2016

i need a picture of your self. you want to charge me for that again?

Report 19:33AUGUST 08, 2016

On fiverr, everything is for sale
20:05AUGUST 08, 2016

have you forgoten i can edit your review? you better do the needful before i do it for you
Report 20:14AUGUST 08, 2016

am giving you two hours to send it or else i will edit your possitive review to negative

I am not willing to send my picture anymore since i think he wants to use my picture as his profile picture on fiverr

How do i preceed?

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Guest thevideostore

You know what the buyer can do?
This is what will happen.

The seller here will contact support to get the review removed.
That will probably happen.
IF the buyer sees that review removed , they will be able to place a new bad review.
If the seller contacts support about this for the 2nd time , they will tell the seller that they can only fix a review once and they will obnoxiously urge you to contact the buyer and work it out with them.

Yes that’s my story.
That is fact.
They will tell you that they can only change a review ONE time for any seller.
Which isn’t really true , it’s just some rule they have to say that I guess…
There is clearly room for improvement here. But this is what I know firsthand from someone that did something very similar to me.

truth bomb dropped
Take care =)

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