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A little list on where to advertise your gigs


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Hello every one am here again with you to share with you a trick through you can advertise your gigs:

1> Fiverr Forum [?]
2> Fiverr Collections [?]
3> Personal Website/Blog
4> Any SEO Rich Website [for backlink/seo – preferably in Alexa’s top 500]
Search Engines [?]
Top 3 Search Engines

Yahoo / Bing [Y! + Bing Merged]
Why Fiverr Forum?

A lot of sellers/buyers on it daily
New Fiverr feature
“HOT” at the moment
Why Fiverr Collections?

Extra exposure
Semi-New Fiverr feature
Similar Gigs as yours

If you’ve had experiences advertising your gigs, and had success, post the tip here! Thanks you …

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I doubt on the Fiverr forum part.
favicon.icoFiverr Forum http://forum.fiverr.com//images/default-apple-touch-icon.png

Forum Activity =/= More Sales

For all you sellers who are convinced that if you just keep spamming the forum with advertisements for your gig or dog-piling onto the popular thread of the day, you need to know that being active on the Fiverr forum doesn't equal more and bigger...

Rest, In my point of view, only point #3 is valid. Rest are… Ugh. You might guess what I meant.

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