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Give me a solution please my friend got sick


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My friend got sick and he is not able to log in to fiverr, anyone else also not able to do so. He told me there are 3 orders which may cancel due to late delivery. He is not in a position to send messages to buyers since he is not with his computer. What is the best solution. Please help !! He is level 1 seller who is having lots of hopes on fiverr

Thank You

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though i’m at level 2 i’m lot new to fiverr so its better let the experts to give answers, i have a another question that might be useful to all who view this post as well as spoky’s friend

as spooky mentioned his friend is unable to log into fiverr for some time so… will it affect his rating ???

if yes, can we call support and handle this situation to avoid loosing the level??? i’m hoping, someone has faced such situation

Lets hope you get a good answer my friend, i wish your friend will soon get well and returns to fiverr 🙂

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