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$15k make on fiverr in Just 12 Months


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Rodolfo Melogli made approx $15k based on 700 clients in about 12 months.
Best seller spot in: web development Gig

His personal experience :~

"Difficult: Due to 700 clients, you spend more time between messages and revisions than actually doing the job. You have to look for a scalable service from the very beginning 24/7 with time-consuming jobs.

High commission (20%): Even after allowed us by fiverr to sell $200, $500 and more (as opposed to the standard $5),still get 20%. That’s a lot for him.

Quality of buyers: On average, and I’d think 80% is a good percentage, buyers are looking for cheap ($5) jobs. No offense, but sometimes you work hard to make $4 and buyers might not appreciate your work."

Quality of sellers / services provided

Difficult to search & find your ideal provider

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Guest saeedwriter

Basically you need to limit what you are selling for $5. Yes fiverr is a cheap alternative bht if anarchofighter and a fellow pakistani from Faisalabad can make their homes from fiverr income it means that even low selling has a lot of opportunities. What you really need to focus is on how to keep buyers repeatedly buying from you. Focus on value. And charge what is worth.

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