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PLz help me!


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For Body weakness , i can not reply of my some clients message.

for that my average response time and Response rate is so LOW .

If some one from here message me in my account , its better for me to improve my
Response Rate.

Just say “hello” , i will reply your message.

plz plz help me .


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People on the forum should not normally be sending you messages unless they specifically want to buy a gig, and even that is not common. I don’t think posting this on the forum is going to help you. There are two things to be aware of:

The forum is primarily a place where sellers chat with other sellers. Some buyers do read and post about their problems, but they are usually not on the forum to read other discussion.

Response Rate is a feature maintained by Fiverr development. It is up to each seller to maintain their own response rate no matter what. If your response rate goes down because of external spam, you can contact Customer Support to have them adjust it, but they cannot help you with posts where people ask you about gigs or just write to say hello. You are responsible for responding to all of your messages except ones blocked as spam. You can also use canned responses so that you can answer unimportant messages in less than a second. If for any reason you are unable to do that, you should turn on Vacation Mode so that people cannot send you messages.

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Hi my dear!
Response rate is calculated on a 30 day period, so keep on responding to your new clients, where there is a little watch icon next to the message as soon as possible and you can get it to 100% in 30 days!
I advise downloading the fiverr app, so you know instantly if you have a message and you can reply on the spot!

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