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Today's Special Magic Tips for your Very First Sale [ARCHIVED]


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Now, we say often on here that there is no magic bullet or amazing way you are going to get your first sale, make it big, make anything on Fiverr. All the regulars with any degree of success will tell you that it’s hard work. You have to keep your Customer Service up, have great gigs, have something unique, have good communication and so on. All that is true. Many sellers will also have to do some or all of your own marketing and most will have to be patient and use Buyer Requests to get a kickstart. All that said, just for today, here are a few tips that are the closest to a magic bullet that I can offer today, and if you read them well, someone might make a magic sale by following them!

1.) If you are a regular reader, you’ve seen people post about the Fiverr Academy. It really is important that if you are new or have been here a long time but haven’t read through the Academy and the articles on the Support Team page, you are missing something.

2.) Does social media marketing really work? Yes, but with caveats. Social media marketing on your own will only work if you are talking to an audience that is also the right audience for your gigs. That means you need followers who are in that audience. However, some of the best options for marketing are lesser used. See tip 3 for more on that.

3.) The hidden gems for marketing do involve real work but they CAN be done by anyone. First, imagine that you are a buyer and you are a buyer who want want YOUR gigs. What kind of places would you hang out online if you were in that group? For example, if your own gigs are WordPress development, what kind of buyers want to buy that? Maybe affiliate marketers or bloggers/writers or people who need a landing page to get people to sign up for a list. So, if you were those people, you might also hang out on forums and Facebook Groups/Pages for business people, entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, authors, writers, publishing, reading groups, and small business owners. MUCH more on tip 4.

4.) Go find those places and start hanging out! Don’t advertise at all but if possible, sign up with your Fiverr username and just add to those communities in any way. Tell jokes, post ideas for them, find links they might want, and get to KNOW them. After a month, start signing your posts with your username and profile link and nothing else flashy. (Don’t do this unless it’s allowed on that site. Here, it is only allowed in My Fiverr Gigs.) If you keep getting to know people, you can gradually start mention that you have a BOGO offer for that community or other methods to draw them in, but remember, you cannot rush this process. The secret word is turtle!

5.) Besides all that, really read these posts on the forum that offer you ideas and once in a while, read them again and see if you are really doing them. You might find something new or something you missed or just realize you read them but aren’t applying them. Don’t just skim posts and then write things like thank you or good tips in the comments. Use the tips! If you are reading this post, you might want to comment on this thread and write something that tells me you read it by telling me what the secret word is. Why? Because if you do that and have no sales, you might get your first sale today or tomorrow since I’m going to buy a $5 gig from someone who replies with the secret word. Whether or not you do that, I encourage you to read the forum posts that have real tips in them and try them out.

BONUS: For even more chances to find a magic bullet you could check this old post out at forum.fiverr.com/discussion/tip-no-1 and see if that helps you. In addition, don’t forget to read the other tips in this category, to check out the Academy, and keep on trying!!

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Guest kurtfi

Makes sense to me. It’s been very obvious as a new seller that social media will get you nothing if you’re not targeting the right group. All this takes a long time to build an audience and a reputation! I’ve noticed as a buyer that I tend to go for gigs by people who have built a presence on here already and tend to stay away from new people with new gigs. I’m sure that’s the same with a lot of people, and that’s a shame. I guess its just human nature, people want a proven track record. Patience will get someone new like me on the right track someday…steady as a turtle goes.

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All great comments, and it’s very true, like with any marketing strategy that you need to really take a look at who your initial targets are and essentially create a persona of who that person would be and where they would search for what you have to sell, then follow those places and add value. You should always ad value to potential clients before you try to do any sort of soft sale (and hard sale in general rarely works). I work with a lot of online entrepreneurs helping to weed out and identify what their target niche should start out as and what their core competencies. You can’t be everything to everyone. You should start out with your initial focus and expertise and you can slowly branch out from there. That way you build brand trust, loyalty and great reputation.

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