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Take care with Adult Content


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Hello all!

I thought it would be good to pass this information to you because it is something that can bring you problems and other sort of thing.

Another day I accepted a Gig just asking for website SEO and nothing else. When I asked the client for it’s business URL, I did all the primary code research (not including SERP - I didn’t saw the website layout) and started preparing the codes needed, reviewing the site status over the web, etc…

So, when I saw that the website’s content was about ********** hidden cameras ************, I immediately turned the offer down and filled out a form with [law enforcement].

So, mi tip is: Before accept a jog, really ask your client to give you all their business aspects and know that some “adult content” can take you to jail together with your buyer.

My kindly regards,

Admin Note from fonthaunt: This post is a valid warning up to a point, but to avoid any misinterpretation it has been edited to remove certain sensitive wording. Sellers should use caution if a buyer asks you to participate in something illegal or extreme. Just state politely that you are not comfortable with it and offer them a refund. You can contact Customer Support at the same time to let them know what the situation is so they can back you as needed and in some cases, they may remove the buyer account.

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Yeah mate that really sucks, sometimes you might also get involved in criminal activities. I think what you did was great by reporting a customer.

I’ve also had a customer who was indirectly asking me to manipulate all her past checks(cheques). Turned down ~$250 offer because simply I don’t want to end up in Jail.

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The answer is simple: adult oriented, pornographic, and inappropriate/obscene are against the terms of Fiverr. A seller that pursues work in these categories will be in violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service, and may have their gigs removed. I’ve even seen some users removed (accounts deleted) from Fiverr for violating these rules.

Don’t accept these kinds of orders.

Fiverr’s Terms of Service.

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