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Fiverr Account Has been hacked what to do?


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Hi, I have a gig under sayed2x2 http://fiverr.com/sayed2x2/customize-or-create-a-whole-new-wordpress-website-as-per-your-needs.

My email account associated with fiverr.com was hacked today and the person who hacked my email also changed the email and password of my fiverr.com account. I was able to recover my email account however I recieved an email stating that my fiverr paypal account information has also been changed. I have raised a ticked in customer support but havent heard from them yet. They generally take 4-5 days to reply(from my previous experience), so if they take thing long again, the hacker would be able to withdraw my payments to his account.

How to resolve this isse?

Please help.


Sayed Taqui

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