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One Simple Step to Improve the Quality of Videos you buy on Fiverr


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“I love it!! Now, re-do it…for free.”

This happens ever-so-often when I deliver an otherwise fine video to a Fiverr buyer, but after seeing the finished product, they now realize that their script wasn’t very good to begin with, and not even a seasoned pro was able to make it great…

How to make your video come out much better? Simple, before ordering your video: READ-YOUR-SCRIPT-OUT-LOUD-FIRST.

Strong communication comes from clearly stating your ideas, facts and intentions. Even a “well-written” script which sounds good on paper, may not “read” well when spoken out loud.

Try this: Print your script out in a nice BIG font and have an employee, co-worker, friend, or even a precocious child attempt to read it like a pro. Immediately you’ll hear the problems in your writing: You’ll hear the dullness, the “tongue twisters,” “log jams.” Some sentences may have 3-4 different thoughts or facts thrown into one – I call these “kitchen sink” sentences.

Try it out loud first… Your ear will give you a better script and you’ll get an even better video.

Good luck,
Spokesman Mark 😃

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This is great advice. I have had so many voice over orders where the script makes no sense at all. I always verify with clients how much “creative license” I have over the script they provide -and those clients who are aware of their limitations in script writing typically defer to my judgement in order to make it more authentic, but have definitely had those clients who did not check what was written and wanted it read verbatim, and then required multiple revisions, and in many cases they provided a completely wrong script, which resulted in them delaying the Fiverr order so it appeared as if I had delivered it late, which is always really disappointing.

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Amen to that! As an animator, this is my biggest bug bear.The animation success goes hand in hand with an awesome script for sure!
I often get scripts which are total disasters and I know I have offended a few buyers by suggesting they get their script edited by a pro who might be able to salvage something from it and create a much better outcome for everyone.

Some are happy for the constructive criticism but many are not.

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