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Secrets Of Making Sales Using Twitter


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You’ve read hundreds of articles that suggested you to promote your gig on Twitter, right? But have you ever found an article talking about the ways you can make sales using Twitter? Well, this one will.

Twitter is one among the best social sites that is loaded with millions of people. You can easily find new entrepreneurs who are in need of a designer for their new websites or blogs, or you can find some other organizations that need to get their documents translated into Spanish or Chinese.

So Twitter can do the wonder for your business. Just make the strategic use of this giant social site, and you will have immense success in no time.

So How To Use Twitter?

  1. Create an Account:

First you need to create an account. Well, it’s a no brain task. Just go there and create one.

  1. Complete Your Profile:

Make your profile 100% completed. And don’t forget to attach your fiverr profile link in your description.

  1. Start Following:

Let’s follow 20 to 30 people who are interested in your niche. Here is an example, if you are a white board animator, you can follow money craze people. Show them how a short animation video can help them in boosting their affiliate businesses.

  1. Start Posting:

Now it’s time to start posting. Share a short and compelling post that highlights your services. Share posts that show how people can be benefited using your services.

  1. Be social:

Share something interesting so people can understand that you’re not here only for doing business, but also for being social.

  1. Use Location:

Using location in your post can help you in finding new followers. For example, one afternoon I updated a post “it was a great day in Detroit”, and all of a sudden I had slew of Detroit-based businesses following me. And surprisingly 4 start-ups hired me for their new businesses.

So, now you can realize how Twitter can do the wonder in boosting your sales, right? Well, before going to put your gigs link on Twitter, make your gigs more compelling and professional. How to do so? Check out the following suggestions.

Appealing Gig Title:

Write an Appealing title that makes a client click on your gig. Ask google if you don’t know how to write one.


Select the right category and sub category for your gig. Well, sometimes you can use different categories to see what works best.


You should have a professional description that can convince a buyer. Write a description that highlights what you’re offering, and what extra services you offer them for free (if you have any).You can also offer them some exciting bonuses, such as BUY THREE & GET ONE FREE.

Gig Photo:

Use an eye-ball catching photo that can attract a buyer. More importantly, use a promising line in your gig photo that makes your clients feel confident about you and your services. For example, I used “Your Satisfaction is my first priority” in my gig photo. You can check out my gig for better understanding.

A short video:

You can also attach a short video with your gig. You can record one using your smart phone, or you can create one using some free tools (animation video makers).

Making enough sales on fiverr is not an easy task. So keep calm and promote your gigs as much as possible.

Best Of Luck.

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