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Reactivate Fiverr Account [ANSWERED]


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Hi all. My friend had de activated his Fiverr account and now he regrets and want to re activate it again. Is it possible, or he has to start from the ground up again? He has some good reviews on his gig, and don’t wants to do the struggle again with a new account.

Waiting your helpful responses.


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Is “your friend”, you? 😉

Usually, when people post requests about trying to fix things on a “friend’s” account, they’re actually posting about a second account of theirs. It is against the rules of Fiverr to have more than one account. I, therefore, recommend that “your friend” sticks with the Fiverr account that he already has. Using more than one account on Fiverr will result in negative action from Fiverr.

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What @jonbaas said is entirely true, so if you have multiple accounts you are likely to run into trouble. As far as the issue of reactivating an account, there is almost zero chance of doing that. If the account was closed by the owner of the account, the help article here: http://support.fiverr.com/hc/en-us/articles/204069336-Closing-Your-Account tells you this:

-Your profile and Gigs won’t be listed on Fiverr.
-Any open orders will be cancelled and refunded.
-You won’t be able to reactivate your Gigs.

If Fiverr closed the account because of something the account owner did, they will not reactivate. You can contact Customer Support to ask them if you’d like to be sure. You can also contact them if your own account was closed for any reason and you want permission to sell on a new account. Without that permission, even if you start over you could end up getting banned.

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