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Going Away, Better to Suspend or Lengthen EXPRESS gigs while away so you don't miss deadlines?


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What does one do if they have mostly EXPRESS gigs but are going away for the

weekend and will not be able to deliver express?

Is there a good way to put a pause button on them and pick them up again on MONDAY?

It seems I can either

A) Suspend all my gigs but maybe the better option is

B) Extend the delivery time on all my gigs by a few days and then

change them back to EXPRESS when I return?

Ill be away FRI-SUN , back mon and tues, away again wed-fri, back sat

How does one deal with this? Just extend all gigs 7 or 8 days but then

I lose that express status or can I get it back when I return?

Thanks for any advice and help!


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mrspanda said: If you extend the time at all, you won't get your express tag back.


Unless loads of GIG's are sold in under 24 hours?


The reason there is a question mark is because I'm actually not sure. If you manage to get your average delivery time back under 24hr after losing it, can you get express back?

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