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How to Rock Buyer Requests


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Hello fellow Fiverr sellers

In the Forum section, I always read about how awesome buyer Requests are, but I have had almost no success when submitting to them. I have submitted about 150 request over 2 or 3 moths and have had almost no response (about 5 inquiries and 2 or 3 sales.)
Because of that, I have created a request myself, to see how the process looks from the perspective of a buyer. I have learned a lot and wanted to share that with you.
So here are my tips for rocking Buyer Requests

  1. Place and order a request yourself.
    There is nothing like experience. This is also true for request. Once you see the process from the buyers perspective, you will see how hard it really is to get a sale. I suggest you put your request in a category that has both a lot of sellers (SEO services, copywriters, logo designs, etc.) and one that has very few sellers (Yeah, I can’t think of one right now). Complete the process and order a Gig. You will not only learn how buyer requests work, but also how everything looks from the buyers perspective.

  2. Think like a tweet.
    The first 150 character are the most important. As a buyer, when you open the requests page, all the answers to your request apear in a short version (only the first 150 characters). Buyers scroll through the site and read the short descriptions and, if they like one, can click on the “read more” button to read the whole request.
    A mistake I often see is that the seller greets the buyer with a “Hello” and skips a line (presses enter). DON’T DO THAT. The line eats about 50 characters from your valuable description and leaves less space for you to make an impact on the buyer.
    I still don’t know how you can get enough attention with those 150 characters. If you have any ideas please post them.

  3. Me, Myself and I.
    Another mistake I often see is that sellers use all the description to say how awesome they are: “I’m a Level 2 Seller”, “I have many years of experience”, “I always give more than asked”, “I’m never late”, etc.NOT GOOD. First, as in every business, the customer does not give a f*ck about how awesome you are, they only wanna know what they have to gain or how your gig will make their live easier or how it will solve a problem they have. You need to understand this principle to leave a good impression and run a great Fiverr business. Second, you need to explain to the buyer how you will solve their problems. If you brag constantly about yourself, you will never have a chance to say how you will help the customer.

  4. Keep the budget and time.
    Except in the rare cases where buyers leave time and budget blank, you need to stick to their budget. While buying a service, as described in step 1, I ignored all offers that exceeded time and/or budget. Trust me, when a buyer says that their budget is 20$, a 100$ offer will simply be ignored ( I’ve had such offers).

  5. Make your offer stand out.
    With all the answers a buyer gets, it’s hard to make yours stand out, however it’s not impossible. First, add as many extras as you can. Extras appear on the buyers page with your 150 characters description and can help a buyer identify the things you can do. Second, stay online. An online seller will have a green dot appear next to his or her name. This little green dot can get you the visibility you need.

  6. Make your Gig stand out
    Another thing to do to get more attention is to create a great Gig. The info from a Gig that appears on the offer page of the buyer are Title and Pictures. I recommend that you make sure your Gig has 2 things: One, the title should start with a Capital Letter. This will add some professionalism to the Gig, since the “I will” description of the Gig does not appear on the buyer page. The second thing is that you need to make sure that your Gig pictures show some info related to your Gig. Buyers can scroll through the pictures of your Gig directly from their page (You will understand this once you do step 1).

That’s basically it. I really recommend that you follow this steps to rock The Buyer Requests.

However, I also learned some things that might be annoying to the buyer. You should use this techniques with caution. They are:

  1. Using only CAPITAL LETTERS in your description.
    This either makes you look stupid, because you forgot to press the Caps Lock key; or extremely needy for attention. It might work to get the buyers attention. I have not tried it. If you have, please comment below.

  2. Sending the buyer a direct message.
    This only works with buyers who are also sellers. In one of my test, a seller tried this technique on me. It worked. The seller got my money. I liked that he showed initiative and always stayed polite. However, some buyers might find this method annoying.

  3. Contacting the Buyer on Facebook.
    This also happend to me. The difference between the previous example and this one was that in the previous, all communications stayed on Fiverr, or the workplace. The seller that contacted me on Facebook was annoying: he left the professional site (Fiverr) and contacted me on my personal and private site (Facebook). It felt like a direct marketer dialing into my home and annoying me and insisting that I buy whatever it is they are offering. Of course there might be buyers that appreciate the effort to contact them. Again use this technique with caution.

Thank you for reading the whole post. I hope you liked it.
Please comment and tell us what you think about this tips and also any experienced that you have had as a buyer or techniques that you have used a seller.

Javier H

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Guest bluepenn

I see you’re going to enlist your name in Fiverr Black List.
Never, ever, ever, ever make a fake request. If Fiverr can understand you’re cheating other sellers, they will kick you out of this beautiful market place.

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I’m worried. I usually find Buyer Section to be full of seller’s requests, like - “I’m a copywriter. I need quick money… Please, send me writing jobs!” For me, that’s kinda ‘Meh!’ moment; lol.

Oh, I didn’t copy-paste their actual posts. But believe me - they’re even funnier! 😃

Jolly good. 🙂

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Thank you for your comment.
I think that fiverr has recently started to check the buyer requests to avoid spam like that. I’ve had request rejected, because , in a SEO request, I mentioned the host name of my website.
I don’t understand how that works
Thank you for your feedback
Javier H.

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“4. Keep the budget and time.”

I’d like to see how this discussed the other way around: if a buyer has a, let’s say, budget of 25$ and a deadline of 3 days, most sellers will offer 5$ / 24 hours. My personal choice when sending offers is not to do that.

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