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2 different type of jobs: good or bad?


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Hi everybody!
I’m asknig you, your opinion and some tips about something I’m struggling with.

I’m good in the design field and I speak fluently 5 languages. I started here doing some graphic design gig and it worked pretty good!
I would like to add some “translation gig” but I don’t know if this may be good or bad for my business.
At the moment all my gigs are in the graphic field so I think that this give a “professional” look at the clients that visit my page.
I’m fearing that if I start adding gigs that are not related to the same field, it may give a more “amateur” feeling of my profile and make me lose clients…

2 accounts would be probably better right? but since I think that this is not allowed, what do you do or what do would you do?


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Seems like the original post was written quite a while ago, but allow me to hop in.

I do illustration/graphic design-ish stuff along with this other gig where I post messages on cut-out red hearts. I also doodle on photos. I also have a translation gig which is going pretty well.
My avatar is a picture of me with a nerdy smile wearing a kimono BTW.
Does that make me look unprofessional? I hope not!
I’m simply representing myself in a way I think is most appropriate. As long as the buyers take the time to read my description etc, that should be enough for them to decide whether I am professional or not. So far me having multiple gigs in different fields have not caused any problems.

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Not sure about how your buyer is going to react to this if u already have graphic designing gigs ready and Translation as well, It simply means you know the languages so you can translate, There are thousand of people on Fiverr some of them are Top Rated Sellers those who are providing very different services like SEO + Logo Design, Usually these top rated sellers receives a lot of traffic on almost all of their gigs so they keep/hire experts for different service, Its 100% Authentic and safe way to earn more from your capabilities.

As far as the another account is concerened, I’ll strongly will not recommand you to use 2 different accounts for 1 Paypal Email, Its against Fiverr’s Terms of Service and both of your accounts can be banned from Fiverr.

So its not a good option to use another account simply add your gig fearlessly, Type in your About Me: section that you know 5 different languages, Add some samples to your gig images showing 5 correct different languages examples so people will understand what they want and how you are capable of.

Hope this helps 🙂

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