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3 Best Practices to Place an Order


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In order to have the best offers here on Fiverr, you just need to follow these few steps:

  1. Don’t put something generic like: “I need design” or “My business name”;
  2. Be direct and specific, for example:
  • “I need a Facebook page with full design and SEO. Logo is provided.”;
  • “I need N slogans for my business. Electronics and Gadgets.”
  • “I need 3K words translated from French to English.”;
  1. Provide your desire days to complete the task and the maximum budget. Usually if you don’t; you will probably get not so great offers and results;

Finally: Remember that if you want good results, the days you require must attend a professional schedule. I see people asking for logos or brand names in 24 hours or 2 days - and honestly? - what you are going to get is a bad result since is impossible to do a professional personalized sort of thing like that in a so short period of time. You will probably get some result made by a ready made program, not a creative professional creation.

My kindly regards,
Arthur Wellten
Methark Fiverr Squad

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