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$3000 in 10 months..Unexpected Gig ever


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After all of the most unbelievable gig I can ever share.The idea of making a time-lapse cooking video came in my head way back November 2015.A friend of mine who also work as a frlancer in Fiverr told me I am doing the impossible thing.To offer such gig is actually very complicated but yet I manage it. For the past 10 months, I have steady 5 big company clients who ordered by volume with these ( cooking videos and commercials) I did not expect that it is such a boom that I even now dealing with cooking book. Without even marketing or sharing the gig.It´s doing it´s thing for me.I think the best thing you can ever do to be successful in Fiverr is to be CREATIVE, Think of things that can convince the clients without thinking twice.and as a seller, Give the best you can give and of course love what you do.Love the creativity and you will reach what you are asking for.Search for the best skills you can offer and I assure you, It´s the clients who will look for you all the time. 🙂
Hope this will give you all positive vibes and for the new sellers don´t give up easily.Think think for what is unique and things that´s not yet offered here in Fiverr.Make our Society colorful 🙂

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