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TRICK to Write GIG Description That Sells?


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Hi, It’s Umar…

Today i was thinking that i should share this one too! 😉

Well, what i thought was, every SELLER has a BUYER that’s like his friend! Just because you’re SO good at communication, you’ll make buyers your friends, almost…

So, i was thinking, what if you would ask them a favor? As them to proofread / review your gig descriptions? (On service they used to buy from you) and let you know what IMPROVEMENTS you can do in the description?

Wouldn’t it be great to have ideas and notes from direct BUYERS? No other buyer will ignore your gigs after that, i believe. Because a buyer has written what he/she looks for when buying a gig in that category!

Well, that was it guys!

Ask your loyal and repeat buyers to proofread your gigs and possibly write a description for you! (At least give you some tips on improving it!)

Ask them what else would you want to see in there? And boom, you’ll open a new door to potential clients that you couldn’t get because you didn’t have that buyer’s perspective before in your gig description!

This is GOLDEN for those that can’t implement on the tip that everyone gives to sellers, “be a buyer yourself when making your gigs” right? I can’t think like a buyer as well. This is why this TRICK, this method is gonna get your more sales and more exposure.

Try it and let ME and everyone else know in comments section below what changed for you after applying this technique!

(Sorry, i just wanted to explain it in detailed post so everyone gets the point of what i am talking about here. This is why this is a bit LONG!)

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Well, I already did that 2-3 times and edited it as per the suggestions I liked from them in the past. But now I stopped doing so cuz everytime when I edit it, my Gig disappears from search and I needed to reach CS.
But anyway, Nice Post. 👌

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