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FIVERR needs an Arbitrage system

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If the platform charges 20% of the income from sellers there should be availability of an arbitrage system stronger that the “customer service”

In economic terms not only the buyer is a customer to Fiverr, also it’s the seller, both parties are customers for the platform.

Many buyers are requesting services, paying for them, starting a case getting the point and get out with the money and the work for free.

Im pretty sure It had happened to many of us

A buyer without knowledge in a field contracts a seller with vast experience.

How can someone without knowledge on a field reject the delivered work, there are specific subjects and topics that require specific knowledge and skills.

If someone is paying for a service to an expert how can a novice judge a professional?

Obviously I’m talking about a work delivered with dedication and expertise, made with the same effort others have rated with 5 stars.

There should be Experts, or judges to intermediate in the conflict and play the role to bring what would be a fair decision, that is why we get charge with the 20% of our work so we as sellers can have guarantee that our work wont get to someone else hands without paying just because Fiverr favor the buyer but never the seller.

Upwork Does perfrom arbitrage and charges the same 20% of your work.

I am a professional business administrator and international negotiator, both Bachelor degrees were achieved simultaneously from one of the best universities of America as my Master degrees in financial markets and Marketing were also achieved from on of the top 3 universities in Spain, have worked for the most profitable bank on earth as Business analyst and have managed to create the most successful online store in Latin America, clearly I am not an amateur, you can look for my professional profile in (Moderator Note: self promotion deleted), I’m not here just to make money I want to help entrepreneurs and others to achieve their goals, to get a better job, to create their own business, to upgrade their business, I want people to learn how to invest, how to save for the future, and take care of their finances.

For the sustainability of this business modify your of this platform will end selling services from people are not even prepared to deliver a decent work.



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