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$10k + 500+ positive reviews – A complete Guideline


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Hello Guys!
I am Muhammad Jamshed from Pakistan working as a Level 2 seller with over 500 positive reviews and recently completed $10000 earning mile stone and yes I know that it’s a big earning in my country.

So, I decided you to share my story and I hope that it may help you to some extent to increase your sales.

I heard about fiverr from a forum back in 2014 on Facebook and decided to signup. I signed up but left my account as it is because I did not get any response but started work again in July 2015.

In the beginning, I earned $200 per month but since last 6 months, I am earning $1000/month and my next target is $2000 per month.

I hope that I will be succeeded because I am getting bigger projects now. 

I know people are earning much more than me but simply decided to share some of my thoughts and maybe some of these work for readers.

1 – Quality work is a key to success

Simple rule – There is no shortcut to success. You have to work hard and you need to be a skillful person to get sales and positive reviews.

New buyers are always asking that they don’t get orders. Answer is that do you have skills?
Believe me if you have skills and you can do some quality work, you will get orders.

I am working as a Linux server management specialist where you should have great skills to handle the things and like this there are many categories that needs advanced skills instead of doing work by just watching tutorials.

2 – Responsiveness matters

I have deeply researched about responses from my side and I can safely say that I convert 65% conversations into sales if I respond the buyer quickly.

Moreover, due to time zone difference between me and European countries clients, I lose almost 30% sales.

So, responsiveness matters a lot. Respond quickly, get sales

3 – Keep updated your client during order

I usually receive tips on every third order because of this reason. Don’t do the things silently and keep the buyer updated with progress to order.

I usually, update the buyer on each and every step I take and that’s why my clients are always satisfied.

I have also observed the order where I don’t update the orders periodically, gets ordinary rating.

4 – Send buyer requests

I am a level 2 seller with constantly receiving orders but still I send buyer requests. For new sellers, I recommend utilizing all 10 buyer requests daily and success rate is 40%.

I can see that if your portfolio is good but you are low on sales, you will still get sales through buyer requests.

I hope, you will take benefit from these tips.

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Guest godsont

This is a great post. And congratulations to you on your success on Fiverr. I am just starting right now. I have started a gig. Looking forward to get sales. Could I ask you some questions? How many days should I wait for an order for a gig? And what is the best way to get the first order? (because I am yet to get the first order) How did you get your first order?

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Thank you. In the beginning, you may not get enough sales but don’t worry, you will soon.

How many days should I wait for an order for a gig?
------ It depends on number of factors like the category you are offering, your portfolio, gig description, etc…

I suggest you to keep applying for buyer request and I am sure you will get success.

And what is the best way to get the first order? (because I am yet to get the first order) How did you get your first order?
------ I got first order almost one month of creating account. So, keep calm and applying for buyer requests.

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