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3 reasons why you should review POSITIVE on Gigs


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Getting positive reviews on your gig is one of the most important things. Whenever someone tries to compliment you on your work, the next buyer will notice this review and starts to trust you. When you gained a buyers trust, you know for sure he or she is willing to buy your gig!

  1. Promotion
    When you review positive on someone’s gig, everybody else who is taking a look at that particular gig, is seeing your review. If you manage to create a positive ethos, people are starting to like you, which results in more buyers for you gig. So when you are always positive in your way of talking, you are promoting yourself to other people.

  2. Feedback
    Everyone wants a good review on their gig, and so do you. When a person is happy with the result of your work, you will get a compliment or even more. If you reach the state ‘more’, you can expect a kind of feedback. What I mean with this is that the person who you gave a good review, will probably consider if he or she should buy your gig as a token of appreciation.

  3. Featured
    If people get a lot of good feedback on their gig, they are most likely to get featured on the homepage of Fiverr. The increase of buyers when you’re on the homepage is enormous. Your sales will definitely rise immediately. So wouldn’t you like it if you get a 100% positive feedback on your gig? Well I think everyone would want that, so whenever writing a good and positive review for others, always think about it how happy you would be with such a review. And when you try hard enough on being positive, in the end you will get positive reviews too.

© 2016, Bram van Campenhout

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