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$5 isn't going to make or break me


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Guest iwriter2016

[users who post shortened links are on a fast track to a forum ban. Users who don’t put any context with their links are on an even faster track to a ban.]

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Guest thevideostore

Buyers requests here are the pits. I have a copy + paste template I send to relevant buy request posts and get maybe 2-3 sales out of it after 40 ones I’ve sent. I wouldnt count on it being much more than that. Our gigs usually get enough traffic but it doesnt hurt to hit up the buyer requests… perhaps you should type up a rather generic template and copy + paste it. Just dont count on it filling up your queue like magic… but dont waste much time on it either 😉

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You can use the follow button to quickly quick back on your own or others threads of interest. The My Activity hyperlink will show you all posts and replies by you along with your followed threads.

It’s not quite the same as notifications on comments, but you can go through the interesting stuff pretty fast that way.

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Hi thank you for commenting. But good news - I posted the above a month ago, and by now everything is much better. Because of my repeat buyers mainly.
These are clients who: a) Value other people’s time, and b) Are able to afford my prices.
So there will always be these types of customers in any business:
Customers who…
a) Value other people’s time
b) Don’t
c) Are able to afford a fair price
d) Aren’t.
e) Are able to afford a fair price but don’t want to pay.
f) And do want to
g) Are not able to afford a fair price.

I’m more than happy to work with the g category if I can afford to, and if they are nice and good people. Because I know that sometimes you just need a little help. In the real world and here, I’ve done work for free or 4 dollars of peanuts, because it was going to help the person with their own business and eventually get them to a better financial or emotional situation (i.e, editing gig for business/ type of therapy gig for talking for hours in order to feel better).

When I wrote that post, I was frustrated. Sort of a last straw that one gets every once in a while. You know - a last straw after every 50 encounters with buyers who are trying to use you, or trick you. Then you say, ‘For the life of me, I don’t understand what the heck is going on!’ (And/or phrased in a way which I can’t post here.)
But then you calm down and are able to put things into perspective again.
49 new straws later, the 50th lands, and again: 'For the life of me!'
That’s ok. As long as you’re not mean to your cat or anything.

Let’s raise our glasses, here’s to every 50th straw landing each time at wider and wider intervals! Cheers, Lechaim, Nazdaroviyeh, and Salud!

Hugs to everyone here, Maytal (May)

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