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People who request your services and then they cancel it an take all your job


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I have made a keyword research in spanish for https://www… and then they cancel it because I did not translate. When I have to translate first from English to Spanish and then make the keyword research in Spanish. I sent him the keywords in Spanish and they want to translate all the keywords that I provided them to English. I have made this kind of job usually and I have never got any complaing. Therefor in my gigs is very specific. I do my keyword research in Spanish or English.

Then when I look the profile of https://www… I can see that they do SEO too, so they took my study for it´s own benefits and did not pay for it.

I want to put this in this forum to be aware that there are people that is trying to get your job with out paying.

Thank you


(Moderator Note: It is against the rules of these forums to call out another user. If you are having a problem with another user, please work it out with them, or contact Customer Support.)

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