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My dirty little Social Media potions to getting Fiverr orders from Facebook


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Well, it has come to this folks! I am going to share with you my most potent dirty little secret to gaining Fiverr orders instantly. (Well, every case is individual.)

You keep getting told to promote your Fiverr through Social Media but receive the complaints or comments from people getting tired of seeing the self-promotion. To tell you the truth, it takes more than just posting a link. You have to create your social media posts to be engaging and thoughtful. If you over-post your content, Facebook surely will pick up on this and limit your success at people seeing your posts.


Facebook allows you to build a community pretty easily, but all the pages you like and people you follow can be overbearing. My suggestion is to create “Interest lists” these are for people and pages under a specific category for you to filter through your Facebook Newsfeed pretty easily without spending an oober amount of time scrolling endlessly. Using this tactic will help you gauge similar audience activity of when they post and how many likes or shares they get. Here are some of my Interests: GLBTQ, Limelight (celebs mostly), People in Spirit (totally rocking the New Age), and Crystals and Gemstones.


Another tip is to join Facebook groups that resonate with your gigs. There are endless groups out there and most are very open to your company and insight. Think of it as joining up for clubs when you were in school: Math club, reading club, Bible club, etc. However, an immediate self-promoter is looked down upon. (People can sniff this like hotcakes.) Try getting to know the people in it and then suggest your gigs when they ask for direction or help. This is more likely to get traffic to your Fiverr.

All of this is available to you by using the Facebook search bar tool and poking around the results.

This is my little spell book for Social Media. I hope I encouraged you to expand your Social Media awareness and if you have any questions, this is what I went to school for – let me know. 🙂

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