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Finally, I am a Level 1 seller


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Finally I am a level 1 seller.

Past : In 2014 I have come across Fiverr on Google search.I registered on Fiverr and I didn’t add any gigs. At that time I don’t have adequate skills to sell on Fiverr. I forgot about the Fiverr

Present : After almost 2 years In June 2016, again I have come across Fiverr. At this time I have WordPress skills to sell. I have created few gigs I have waited almost one month to get my first order. It took me a month to complete the 10 orders and reached to Level 1.

Out of ten almost all orders come through buyers requests. Almost I Offered 100 buyer requests to get 10 orders. Out of 10 I was tipped for two orders. I have got all 5 star ratings.

Future : I look forward to reach Level 2 In the next two months.

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