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Doing SEO for your gig and getting searched 5x more than usual


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Hi all ! This is Akshay Sihag, so I’m a SEO expert and i love playing around with keywords and meta descriptions, earlier my gig was getting around 100-300 impressions, 10-50 views & 10-20 clicks a week, Now i’m getting same results per day ! Yes that’s right… so how i did this ?

Okay, here’s a little secret for those who don’t know anything about SEO :

Your gig’s title should not be too small and not too big, and the most important thing TAGS, how to use them ? Well, to rank up your gig in fiverr search results you’ve to think like a customer and then create your gig title keeping that in mind that you’re a customer and how you’re gonna search for a service of which you’re making gig…

So, create a gig title and then use the tags which contains words in your gig’s title…

here’s an example :

Gig title : I will create a WordPress website or Wordpress design

Tags : wordpress website, wordpress design, create website, wordpress …

So, you see how i used tags which are also in my gig’s title and this is what a normal potential customer will search on fiverr for a wordpress site…if i’m a customer and i want a website on wordpress, I’ll search for wordpress website ( Hence, your gig will appear in search results). I’ve seen my gig’s performance graph going upwards since then !

This little trick can help your gig’s appear more in search results and that’s beneficial for both buyers and sellers, because that’s how a buyer meets a potential seller, right ?

And this trick is also for the new sellers who are having trouble getting their first orders !!

Let me know if this trick boosts your gig performance

Thank you guys !!

Akshay Sihag ( Web Developer/Designer & SEO Expert)

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