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I’m trying to make sense of this information below. I filed a complaint about a artist that did not finish a gig on time she is 3 days late and now wants to cancel after wasting 20 days. I hit submit after typing out the complaint then I get this response email below. After I click on the link it takes me back to customer support page where I’m signed in with my username. It does not show a place to go to register for a separate new customer support account. Do I need to complete a new customer support account with a separate username and password?

Welcome to Fiverr’s Customer Support Center. You must register and verify your Customer Support account for your request to be received.
Please follow the link below to choose a password and verify your account, and we will log you in right away.

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When you create a ticket to CS you receive a confirmation email. You have to click on the link in the email to activate your ticket.

In order to do so I believe you have to be logged into both.

You might have gotten this because you were not logged in.

Try logging into Fiverr and also open your email at the same time. Try clicking on the link again and see what happens.

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