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Cultivate the good sellers and weed out the school boy gigs


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There are sellers on fiverr and there are SELLERS on fiverr. One is a group of people who just want to make quick money and bounce, the other is a group of honest hardworking professionals who want to make a genuine living off fiverr.

The writing category for example ( i will use this as the primary example because I am a writer myself) is flooded with lots of sellers, this is probably due to the fact that writing appears to be the easiest thing a person without skills can do. It is not like webdesign or coding for example, so anyone can claim to be a writer.

This results in some relatively cheap gigs floating in the system ( including mine…well at least for now) Now while some sellers are just there to grab your $5 and run, there are some sellers who will apply themselves and deliver quality work that deserves way more than 5 bucks. The way you as a buyer will respond determines how this seller will proceed with their nest order.

If you generously tip the seller and acknowledge them for their quality delivery, chances are the buyer will get an even better service, your next order from this seller will be met with higher enthusiasm and desire. In simple, you have just played a role in cultivating one of fiverr’s best workers.

I say this because I am a new writer on fiverr and I recently met the most amazing buyer. This buyer realizes great work and compensates it accordingly. This makes me feel good because I already know I’m underselling my services so when someone else notices that I strive to better the last order by delivering even better content.

That is the responsibility you have as a buyer, water the good sellers and cultivate them, weed the school boy gigs and make sure they are swallowed by the system. The result will be high quality sells for everyone!

Please note I’m not whining for tips and good reviews, I’m just saying show some appreciation for a job done well, its the right thing to do.

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Yes, anyone can claim to be a writer, sadly.

I find that with writing you need to find your niche. Saying you can write on anything is too broad. Sure, there are TRS who write on any subject, but they are article writers so they do research (or have vast knowledge) and are proven. For new writers it is important to claim your niche!

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