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My experience with Fiverr since joining - About to complete 1st anniversary!


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Hi Fiverrians,

I’ve no words to heartly THANK Fiverr for giving me such a wonderful platform to earn money in spare time and my dream comes true. So, I decided to share my best experience here which will help Fiverr’s community as well as new comers to sell their skills and expertise.

I heard about Fiverr from one of the blog to earn money in free time - I call it as, by doing “Micro Jobs”. So, I was exited to check more about this kind of jobs. Then I decided to join Fiverr at that time.

If I remembered well, I’d joined Fiverr on 12th Aug, 2015 just to check how it works. Then I spent around 1 month just to observe the best selling gigs and sellers. The reason was to get best understandings about Fiverr marketplace and do a fresh start with lots of energy and plannings.

After getting all the information I’d in my mind, I tried to create Gigs according to my skills. As I’m a Software Engineer, I need to focus on my core skills such as Asp.net, MVC, C# etc. So I created 4-5 Gigs. Moreover, I found some useful tricks for creating Gigs so I’m summarizing here in case any one wants to know.

  1. Analyze Fiverr for few days before starting right away
  2. Find out Top sellers related to your niche and Analyze how they serve their clients
  3. If you’re new comer and want to get a quick job done, then you must prove your uniqueness among other sellers
  4. Research keywords and describe your services in Gig description
  5. Most important thing is always use your own profile picture instead other cartoons and actors (It impacts a lot to show that you’re the genuine person and not a spammer or something else). So that buyers can keep faith in you in case you’re a new comer.
  6. Visit forum and community posts and tutorials to get some more knowledge and tricks from other successful sellers
  7. Apply to Buyers Requests section

Tweet: “Gather knowledge as much as you can at initial level because once you’ll become successful, you may not have enough time to learn new things!”

Now coming to the main point, after that I started applying to Buyers Requests as I was a new comer so it’s but obvious not to get direct messages from buyers at initial level. This process still start till one week. After one week (+ 1 month research), I got a ting ting message from one of the buyer whom I applied for job. I checked the job description which was not even related to my skills but I took it as a challenge. I politely asked my buyer that I’m new to this platform so I need sometime to do research and I gave him the 100% guarantee to complete this job with ease. Waited for reply and got happy news that he was ready to allow me sometime for research. I thanked him and within 2 days I completed my first job with 5* STAR and excellent feedback. It was the happy moment for me and on the other hand 1st step towards my success. Then after I never stopped! Always loaded with work which is the specialty of Fiverr.

In addition, I became 1st level seller within 2 months and then within next 3-4 months got 2nd level seller. Frankly speaking I never ever thought about Fiverr levels. I believe only in client’s feedback and reviews. If you’ve good reviews, buyers will contact you directly and even you’ll get orders directly without applying to Buyers Requests. It matters a lot to me.

Tweet: “Always respect your clients and put your ego aside!”

This is for sellers who had some bad experiences:

In journey you may meet with different clients with different requirements. All clients will not behave same so be prepared with this things and serve your clients as better as you can.

Tweet: “Clients are the reason, you’re here. Because if no one buy your skills then how will you sell your skills and expertise? They are giving hopes in you to see your dreams comes true!”

I’ve many things to say but these are the few words. I’m stopping here due to my time limitations. If I get chance in future, I’ll definitely help community regularly.

Hope this helps every one here on Fiverr’s community blog and every sellers who are eager to become succeed on Fiverr.


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