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Addressing an Issue with Late Orders


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I’ve stumbled upon a potential issue with Fiverr that I feel needs to be addressed… The reason I refer to this as a “potential” issue is that I may not have my facts straight and perhaps there is already a solution to this problem. I’ll explain…

This week I was on a business trip that required me to stay out of town for 2 nights. Orders have been slow but one of my regular clients submitted while I was away on this trip. I responded right away, letting them know that I wouldn’t be home on time to complete the order. They said that was fine and there is no rush.

So I come home and go to deliver my order which has now been labeled as “ridiculously late” … Which brings me to my issue…

I responded to my client in a reasonable amount of time to let them know that their order couldn’t be fulfilled in the usual time frame. Yet my response rate dropped to 50%. It doesn’t seem that the response rate is made apparent to the buyer, but I can’t help but feel as though this will have a negative impact on my rankings internally. Perhaps now I’ll see even fewer orders because it’s my belief that Fiverr punishes people for late orders by making it more difficult to find them in search rankings.

If I have my facts straight, and Fiverr does in fact punish people for this sort of thing, we need to discuss implementing a feature that would give buyers the option to extend the delivery date.

However, the argument will be made for “Vacation Mode”. Again, I require some fact straightening, because I’ve been told that putting yourself in “Vacation Mode” will lead to lower search results yet again. Due to this bit of knowledge, I actively chose NOT to use the vacation mode feature… Business has been slow and it was only a 2 day trip.

When it comes to the search ranking theories I’ve been handed, I very much hope I’m wrong. Even still, if I am wrong, why should I disallow my REGULAR clients to order, just because I’m on a 2 day trip. Especially if they’re ok with their order taking more than the promised 24 hours?

Let’s talk about this… I need to get my response rate back up, but I also need to work a day job. I just got to become a level 2 seller and I fear as though the search ranking benefits I received from that promotion are now void.

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For one thing, if you are leaving for a couple of days, extend delivery time to 7 days. That has less impact on rank unless it’s long term. Don’t worry about response rate. It was recently broken due to a bulk inbox spammer so Fiverr is unlikely to use that for anything for a while. Just answer fast for a few weeks and it will go right back up.

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Thank you for your input. So by your message it is safe to assume “Vacation Mode” messes up your search rankings. Additionally, changing your deadlines for orders ALSO messes with search results.

When it comes to vacation mode… I get it. I was “unavailable” for a period of time which allowed my competition to naturally rank higher. Ok, fine. A temporary change to my delivery deadline though… That’s disgraceful.

I would LOVE to be a full-time voice talent on Fiverr. I would love to sit at home every day making Fiverr and myself lots of money while also getting to do something I LOVE to do. However, I can’t grow to a level where that’s possible if I’m not allowed to take time to make money doing my day job. A day job that I also LOVE doing.

It’s sad that I am now in a position to be thankful that spammers ruined the response rate. I don’t want that. I want Fiverr to thrive and more individuals and businesses to use it. So to Fiverr I ask this…

Please give us a way to take a couple of days off without punishing us for doing so. Our clients will understand, our work ethic will improve, and you’ll be giving us a better opportunity to grow on your site and ultimately make YOU more money.

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Well in no time flat, it’s happened again. I had an overnight trip and I finished all of my orders before I left. As it turns out, someone wanted a revision and by the time I was able to deliver that revision my order was marked as “late.”

I take my work here on Fiverr very seriously, but every time this happens it makes me look bad. I treat my clients with respect, and I don’t miss my initial deadlines. I NEED some sort of recourse when these things happen.

I have a feeling that this is a problem that gets brought up a lot here on the forums and I’m just beating a dead horse. It’s still very important that people speak up when this happens though. I LOVE doing work on this site and I don’t want to see my growth interrupted by a flaw in the system. If you’ve experienced this issue, I hope you’ll share your stories here in this thread.

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