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If multiple orders of the same gig are ordered by different people

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it would be nice if Fiverr would automatically account for the gigs still in queue. For example: If I have a gig that takes 10 days to complete, and a user orders it today so I have 1 order in queue. Then tomorrow a different user orders the same gig - I am technically working on two orders at the same exact time because the 1st order is due in 9 days, and the 2nd order is due in 10. It would be logical if I have a pending 10 day gig already in queue, that the 2nd order would be completed 10 days AFTER the 1st order is completed.

Of course, I do realize that it could be complicated for gigs that are often ordered in multiple quantities by one user. Unless your programming can identify that it is the same user placing an order for multiple gigs and then NOT accrue the hours together, but leave it as one gig time frame.

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