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Ambitious young girl in need of advice!


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Hi! I am a graphic designer and I have recently joined fiverr. I have a gig where I am offering to design album covers for people.

I haven’t got any sales yet and I was wondering if anyone could check it out and maybe give me some tips to help me out!🙂

Thank you!


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Dear Jayne:

I took a look at your gig. Here are my thoughts:

You are apparently a British English speaker, whereas I am from the US, so some of my suggestions may seem odd to you.

*Log Line: My name is Jayne Ford, I design eye catching memorable pieces of work

I think you should use “eye-catching” instead of “eye catching”.

I suggest “My name is Jayne Ford – I design eye-catching, memorable pieces of work!” I think you would be wise to completely re-do this. I don’t have specific suggestions, but “Have Blender Will Render” is taken.

*Profile Image: You are not smiling here. Given your expertise in the psychology of design, I shouldn’t have to argue very strenuously for the psychological benefits of you smiling here. Also, I disagree with your stylistic choice to use a black and white photo of yourself here.

Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the public.

*Profile Text:

My name is Jayne Ford. I go to Leeds College of Art and I have an extreme passion for film and graphics. I spend most of my time by the computer, editing various photos or creating album covers for artists and bands. I enjoy what I do and that’s why I love doing it!

*Gig Title: I will design a unique album cover

I suggest you do some key word research and wordsmith this title. I don’t have specific suggestions.

*Gig Description:

I Will Design A Stunning Album Cover For You

If you are looking for a unique album cover, you’ve come to the right place. You’ve come to the best place! You’ve come to Waviboy Place!

Front cover 1600 x 1600 pixels (Size editable) [THIS SECTION SHOULD BE CLARIFIED]
2 FREE revisions so we can make your cover PERFECT!
100% Satisfaction

To finalise your awesome album or single I will design an eye-catching cover for your fans to admire. I will make the album cover as catchy as your music, because that’s what people want! I can use your unique trademark fonts, colors, and designs in a way that ties together each aspect of your release. I enjoy stylising the graphics so they fit the mood of your music and the expression of your stage personality.

[Even allowing for differences between American and English, I don’t think stylysing is a word that your Buyers will recognize. I thought Brits used “colours” – so you seem to be inconsistent in your use of English English here.]

Standard Size of an Album Cover is 1600 x 1600 pixels. (I will design in any size you want, within reason) [The album cover I want for The #TaylorSpliffed Project is 40 kabillion x 50 gajillion pixels!]
Get Your Design Just in 2 Days

If you have anything special in mind, please send me a message. I am very responsive. However, If you are not really sure what design you want, you can send me the music and I will design something which I think fits in well with your musical style!

I will be looking forward to working with you and producing a unique cover!

*Gig Video: Your video is awesome. Great use of you talking to the camera while showing your work. I personally don’t care for the black and white, but I’ll allow it. I have no specific suggestions here.

*Gig Photos: RE: YOUR FIRST IMAGE: I’m not sure that the breasts pass muster with the Fiverr Terms of Service. I’m not saying I AGREE with the Fiverr Terms of Service, but you should check into this and possibly replace the image.

(I don’t offer The #TaylorSpliffed Project via Fiverr because it addresses mature subject matter such as sex, death, and religion, which is not allowed according to the Fiverr Terms of Service as I understand them.)

Album Cover design. Less then 42 hours. Eye catching. 1 revision and source file included.

You say 48 hours above and less than 42 hours here. This is very mysterious. What’s up with those missing 6+ hours?

Also, see my previous note about “eye-catching”.

All in all, you should do what you can to promote your gigs via Social Media. Use the Buyer Requests.

You should be sure to polish the English grammar and spelling for each of your gigs.
Decide whether you want to appeal to American English speakers or English English speakers or International English speakers, and be sure that you are consistent for your target audience:

avoid “1600x1600” here and “1600 x 1600” there
avoid “48 hours” here and “less than 42 hours” there
make sure the images you show comply with the Fiverr Terms of Service

Finally, I disagree with your use of the phrase “young girl” in this thread title. “Young girl” seems to be redundant, because an “old girl” is better referred to as a “woman”. Plus, “girl” is sexist. Why not refer to yourself as an “Age-Deficient Humanoid Living Being with Mammalian characteristics”?*

Good luck,

*If you didn’t laugh at this paragraph, you should refer to yourself as an “Age-Deficient Humanoid Living Being with Mammalian characteristics and with Sense of Humor Deficits”.

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