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HELP Problem with Buyer- real or fake person?- won't give enough info


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Hi! I’m new to Fiverr, so I know I probably made a lot of mistakes, but I need some help/advice. A week ago, I started an order from a buyer who fulfilled the initial requirements, but wanted an extra to her order. The buyer promised to provide all of the necessary information to me in one day, but it didn’t come in that time frame. The buyer finally sent me half of the necessary information, and I officially started the order, while I waited for the rest of the information. The order is due SOON, but I still haven’t gotten the rest of the information.
Throughout this whole ordeal, I have been repeatedly messaging the buyer with gentle reminders about the order due date, but frequently do not get answers despite the buyer being online. The few answers I do get, have an excuse as to why the information is delayed or a fake date as to when it will be provided. What should I do? The buyer seems real, apart of an established company, but I can’t be sure. What are some signs that the buyer could be a spammer? Also, I’ve been avoiding a bad review by not being too forceful, but I have already done a lot of work for this buyer, and I’m a little (or a lot) angry about not getting properly paid for my work. Can and/or Should I cancel the order and cut my losses before I do more work? Thanks, for your help!

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