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Accidentally Payment Refunded To Fiverr


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I have made a mistake in 2014 I Accidentally refund my Fiverr earned money to Fiverr from my Paypal I am contacting Fiverr Support again & again but no one is solving my problem from where I get back my money Fiverr support says please contact PayPal, PayPal support says please contact Fiverr… I have all emails which I get from Fiverr and PayPal support need your help to know what to do.

Here is PayPal Email

(Dear Umair Rehan,

Thank you for contacting PayPal regarding your refund to fiverr.com. I am happy to assist you today.

Mr. Rehan, I hope that my advice will be helpful to clarify your concern in a simple and efficient way.

I have reviewed your account and I confirm a refund you made to fiverr.com of . USD completed on 28.11.2014. This means that this money is not in your PayPal account anymore.

In order to have this money back, you have to transfer from your Fiverr account to your PayPal account again.

I would advise you to contact Fiverr Customer Service and they will be able to review this information for you. I am advising you to contact them as we do not have access to their system.

You can also forward this e-mail to them in order to resolve your issue.

Thank you for choosing PayPal.

Yours sincerely,

Copyright © 1999-2014 PayPal. All rights reserved.)

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Well, whatever PayPal says, Fiverr has made this clear in their own help articles for a very long time and they won’t be able to do anything. Here it is in their words:“Withdrawals are final and cannot be undone. We will not be able to refund or change this process once it has begun.” That comes from this page: http://support.fiverr.com/hc/en-us/articles/201695617-Withdrawals

You have a couple of other complications in your scenario. There have been a number of other people who have done this and complained on the forum. Most did not ever report back to say if they got it resolved. I have seen once case where someone claimed that when they found out Fiverr support couldn’t do anything, they forwarded that information to PayPal Support. One that one, they claimed that PayPal said that since it had been less than 30 days they could reverse the refund and put the funds back in PayPal. I don’t know if any other users out there have had that experience.

Your second big complication is that it was November of 2014. So, you are almost 2 years past the date. If I had to guess I would think that they money would be unrecoverable after that long. I’ve never heard of anyone doing this and not trying to get it fixed after just a few days. I have an idea of what happened to “floating” money in the U.S. but even what I know about that probably doesn’t apply to other countries.

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