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Fiverr COMPLETE Course! What's FiverrCast?! - GOLD!


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It’s Umar here…

Well, I wanted to ask you guys to PLEASE have a look at the FiverrCast which is an Official Fiverr Podcast for Sellers BY Sellers…

It features AMAZING questions and tips and tricks to improve your SELLING experience on Fiverr.

I’ve listened to:

  • How to Become a Top Rated Seller on Fiverr?
  • How to Get Your 1st Sale?
  • What is GOOD Customer Service?
  • How to Promote Fiverr GIGs OUTSIDE of Fiverr?

and MANY more!

I’ve downloaded all the GOLDEN nuggets and i listen to them every once in a while… (Once in 1-2 months period)

I’d highly recommend every NEW and even LEVEL 2 sellers and TOP rated sellers to have a look at these. Because I’m starting to LOVE this podcast and i can’t wait to get my hands on their latest episodes…

So, that was what i had to say about my experience with FiverrCast…

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