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Broken delivery system


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For the past 4 days or so, I deliver files to my buyers (video files close to 30 MBs) and use the quick response feature to give them a canned delivery message.

Right before I hit the delivery button, I check to see whether the file was attached, and a preview has been created.

All seems to be fine, except when the buyers open the order page, they find a delivery, with just the canned response.

no file attached, no embedded video player.

Suffice it to say, things are getting frustrating, as I need to explain to every one of my customers that I am in fact NOT trying to cheat them.

So for now I’m only delivering via dropbox, which of course, hurts my gig’s portfolio.

Anyone else with this issue? regardless of gig category?

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It would appear that some Fiverr users are experiencing delivery issues similar to the OP. I myself am one of them. I have an open ticket with Customer Support. If anyone else is experiencing order delivery problems, please be sure to let CS know as well.

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