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How & Where You Can Promote Your Gigs


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There are hundreds of ways you can promote your gigs. And here I’ve put together some suggestions on How To Promote Fiverr Gigs. So let’s go ahead.

Photo Sites:

If you’re a graphic designer, you can update one of your best works on some photo websites. For example, you can upload one or two photos on SplitShire along with your fiverr gigs link. This way you can find some quality clients who pay you more than $5 for a single work.

Facebook Group:

Nothing can knock down Facebook group. There you can easily advertise your gig with other sellers. You will certainly find hundreds of groups where you may find some money-paying clients too. You might be surprised to know that I got my first 4 clients using Facebook groups.

Facebook Page:

You can also make use of facebook page. Just open a page and promote your gigs there. Well, it may take a little time but you will certainly be amazed at the result of using Facebook page.

YouTube Channel

If you’re a logo designer, you can make a slide show with all of your best works and upload it on your YouTube Channel. Then do some SEO stuff so people can easily find you. It is the best option for logo designers and intro makers.

Google +

One among the smartest ways you can promote your fiverr gig is to use Google+. Just be active on G+ and share your gigs on a regular basis. Try to follow those people who are interested in your niche.

Fiverr SEO:

Don’t forget to optimize your gigs with fiverr SEO stuff. How to Optimize your gig with Fiverr SEO

  1. Use Google Keyword finder to find mostly searched keywords

  2. Write a short Title using those keywords

  3. Use appropriate categories and sub-categories

  4. Write a short description that highlight Why & How you’re better than other sellers.

  5. Use Tags that are commonly searched by the clients.

  6. Set a right turnaround time (I’d recommend to set 3 days delivery time. It will save you from late delivery)

  7. You can also use a short video.

  8. Finally, use an eye-ball catching photo for your gig. You can download a royalty free photo from a photo directory site. Then download a photo editor app from Google Playstore. Well, job is not finish here. Now spend your hours in editing the photo and make it more gorgeous. You can checkout my gigs photo to know how I’ve designed a professional one.

So now you’ve got it, where and how to promote fiverr gig. Make sure that you have a nice gig with clear description. Promotion will bring much more visito in your gigs but if they are not professionally written, you will end up with zero sales. So invest your hours in developing your gigs, make them more professional, clear, and appealing so they can convince a client.

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